General Contact

We have Sales representative standby to serve you for office hours on Monday - Friday at 8.30 - 17.30 to answer your Faqs, how to use, specifications, catalog, purchase order, etc...

After Sales Service officer take care the proper operation and instructions. Via phone, Video (Youtube), as well as product training for corporate customers, repair services, tools and spare parts. Under supervision and repair instructions from the manufacturer, also send to factory for repairing.

 Opened:   Monday to Friday at 08:30 - 17:30.
 Closed:  Saturday, Sunday and National holiday.

Operator Ext. Engineer Ext.
Sarawut Kengkaew 18 Thanasarn Phuangmaprang 11
Supatra Kanin 19 Suthasinee Kumsing (Service) 35
Jareeya Sooklarp 14 - -
Siriyaporn But-ang 13 - -
Peachlada Sangmuang 12 - -

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FAX: 02-746-9940, 02-746-9942


We have prepared a map for facilitate our customers to visit our shop, we have products for customers to try before buying and we also provide a showroom measuring tools to serve customers.

LEGA Corporation Map

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