Testo 925 Digital Thermometer (Type K)

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No. 0560 9250
Digital Thermometer
Measurement range -50 to +1000°C
Compatible with General Thermocouple Type K
Testo, Germany
** Probes are not included **

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Testo 925 Digital Thermometer

The Testo 925 Digital Thermometer separate probe 1 Channel and can be connected with wireless probe. Ideal for HVAC, high-accuracy, in addition, Max./Min. function. Simultaneous measurement values display, Hold data display, Max./Min. display and Audible alarm adjustable limit values.

No. 0560 9250
Sensor type Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Range -50 to 1000ºC
Accuracy ±1 digit ± (0.5ºC + 0.3% of mv) (-40 to 900ºC)
± (0.7ºC + 0.5% of mv) (remaining range)
Resolution 0.1ºC (-50 to 199.9ºC), 1ºC
Power requirement Battery 9V
Dimension / Weight 182 x 64 x 40 mm / 171 g

Dimension182 x 65 x 40 mm
Temperature Sensor TypeThermocouple
Water resistanceNo

±(0.5°C + 0.3% of mv) (-40 to +900°C)
(0.7 °C + 0.5% of mv) (Remaining Range)

Number of Channel1 Channel
Sensor Output InterfaceNo
Resolution0.1°C (-50 to 199.9°C)
1°C (Remaining Range)
Power SupplyBattery 9V
Temperature Range-50 to 1,000ºC
Other FunctionNo
Supported sensor TypeThermocouple Type K
Data loggerNo
Measurement objectAmbient Temperature, Core Temperature, Surface Temperature
Sensor connector typeMiniture connector for thermocouple
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Accessories Included:

  • Testo 925
  • Calibration Protocal
  • Battery 9V